Dr Bob Carbines
Bob's experience began in Education in the NSW government sector. Since that time he has held senior positions in government throughout Australia, conducted small businesses and regularly works with clients in management development, both nationally and internationally.

Dr Tim Wyatt
Tim has more than twenty years experience working in senior positions in a number of NSW government agencies. He has also worked for consulting organisations in the United States and Australia in the fields of evaluation review and performance measurement. His international experience includes significant contributions to the OECD's work in reporting educational performance.


Terry Hilsberg
Terry Hilsberg became involved in the online education industry in 1998 when he was commissioned by the Australian Government Review of Higher Education Financing and Policy to report upon, amongst other things, the potentially disruptive nature of such education upon the structure of the higher education industry. Subsequently, he began founding, investing in and advising and advising both K-12 and higher education companies. These companies included start-ups such as NextEd, My Internet and Roar Educate. Today he remains an active investor in, and advisor to a number of online education companies.

Tony McAuslan
After working for some of the world's largest companies in Advertising and then Gaming, Tony launched his own start-up business in 2001. Starting from a base of only 3 staff, Tony raised over $25m in venture capital and grew his company to over 80 staff with offices in Sydney, Los Angeles and London. After exiting the company in 2005, Tony went on to work as a Business Development Manager for one of Europe's largest private VC firms, and consulting for clients who are seeking venture capital funds.