Pathways to success

At Momentum Cloud, we know that education is the key to an individual’s empowerment and self-determination. Everyone who is part of Momentum Cloud is working towards effecting positive change for the public good.

We believe that every individual should own their digital footprint and be able to harness their own data to support their learning pathways. Our goal is to strive to provide software solutions that unlock learning information, build learning support networks and empower individuals to achieve their very best.


We develop enterprise software solutions for the Australian domestic and global education markets.


Our software solutions assist organisations in meeting State and Federal government policy objectives in the areas of attendance, academic assessment and well-being management.

We assist educators in meeting accountability measures to parents and executives, whilst helping organisations to improve overall educational outcomes for their students and clients.

Our solutions connect learners to learning support networks and support inter-agency case management.

Our focus is to design systems that improve efficiencies and educational outcomes, whilst ensuring that each solution is easy to implement, administer and use.

Teachers are at the heart of a student’s learning experience. Supporting teachers to do what they do best is a foundational component of our solutions.



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