Our motivation


We are motivated to create solutions that support individuals to reach their learning potential.

Lifelong learning is not delivered by any single supplier or online learning environment. Lifelong learning is found through a confluence of experiences, relationships and motivations.

In light of the ever changing and ever increasing digital world, we are working with respected partners to further our knowledge to support individuals take control of their learning.

We are dedicated to helping people harness their learning information to enhance their own future learning opportunities.


Our spectrum of solutions span from early childhood through to adult learning.


Our projects and software solutions reflect our company’s capacity to continue to innovate, grow and support lifelong learning.

Supporting educators to achieve the very best for their students is always at the foundation of every Momentum Cloud solution.


Momentum Cloud

Cloud storage and application distribution platform

K-12 Education - Momentum ESR

Student information management system


Goal-based learning and case management platform


The Burraga Foundation


The Burraga Foundation is enabling all Australians to gain a better understanding of Aboriginal Australia through its innovative MGoals initiative.

Working with local communities and hundreds of schools, The Burraga Foundation brings together Aboriginal people, schools and students to revitalise, share and celebrate local Aboriginal history and culture online.

The Foundation also assists Aboriginal students to achieve improved educational outcomes using technology to enable parents, teachers and students to effectively come together around a student’s goals and learning pathways.

Momentum Cloud as the technology partner of the Burraga Foundation has donated over $1.5m of expenditure in provisioning the Foundation's technology infrastructure and software platform.

We see a reflection of our values in the work that the Burraga Foundation has done in effecting positive change for the public good, and we look forward to supporting their important work into the future.



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Senior Developer

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Senior UX designer


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Front-end Developer

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Dr Bob Carbines
Bob's experience began in Education in the NSW government sector. Since that time he has held senior positions in government throughout Australia, conducted small businesses and regularly works with clients in management development, both nationally and internationally.

Dr Tim Wyatt
Tim has more than twenty years experience working in senior positions in a number of NSW government agencies. He has also worked for consulting organisations in the United States and Australia in the fields of evaluation review and performance measurement. His international experience includes significant contributions to the OECD's work in reporting educational performance.