Burraga Foundation - Striving for Equity and Fairness

At its core, Momentum Cloud's ethos is that of equity and fairness. The company is an active contributor to communities and furthermore, driven to be of service beyond its commercial imperative.

The Australian education landscape is dotted with inequities. However, dedicated community members, teachers, schools and systems are doing amazing work to bridge gaps between those who can and those who cannot because of physical, economic or cultural barriers.

The Burraga Foundation established by Aaron Hughes, Co-founder of Momentum Cloud is just another example of how this company is doing its part to further build on philanthropic work in an ethical and responsible manner.

To date, Momentum Cloud's philanthropic efforts have provided over $1.5 million in operational expenditure consisting of design, development, support, promotion and management of the MGoals initiative www.mgoals.com.au.

The MGoals initiative is a free program that supports Aboriginal culture and education by providing local Aboriginal communities and schools with an online website building project and an online learning environment where students create their goals for living and learning.

Local community websites provide students with an opportunity to discover more about their own heritage and identity, thereby helping build self-esteem and confidence.

The goal-setting program helps students to build their knowledge by aspiring to and achieving their goals.

The MGoals initiative is supporting a growing number of Aboriginal and school communities. Since its launch less than a year ago, there are 48 local Aboriginal communities, hundreds of schools, parents and students being connected and supported through this initiative.

To further propel the positive outcomes of the MGoals initiative, the Burraga Foundation has been established as a not-for-profit entity, governed by a Board, independent of Momentum Cloud. The Burraga Foundation will now govern the MGoals initiative into the future, supported by Momentum Cloud.

For those interested to know more about the Burraga Foundation and want to support its endeavours please see www.burraga.org.