Research Collaboration for Thriving Futures

Momentum Cloud has been invited to collaborate with ARC Centre of Excellence for Indigenous Thriving Futures at the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

The aim of the Centre is to significantly advance the vital interplay of theory, research, and practice nationally and internationally to yield scientific research that will translate into real benefits on the ground for Indigenous Australians. 

The Centre brings together leading Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, next generation researchers, government, industry partners, and stakeholders with a shared commitment to addressing this critical issue of our time.

 This strengths-based transformational research agenda will:

  • draw upon the very best Indigenous and Western scientific research methodologies to result in innovative, practical, and conceptual advances in international Indigenous theory, research, and practice;
  • work in collaboration with Indigenous children, youth, and community members and leverage the nature of their agency for positive effects;
  • build capacity amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, Indigenous community members, industry, and policy makers;
  • provide high quality research training and mentorship for graduate students and early and mid-career researchers; and
  • result in transforming lives and communities, and contributing materially to Australia’s socio-economic fabric.